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Transparency Reporting 

School Budgets
FY24 Amended Budget
FY24 Approved Budget
FY24 Board Approved Budget Resolution
FY23 Amended Budget Board Resolution
FY23 Amended Budget
FY23 Board Approved Budget Board Resolution
FY23 Board Approved Budget
FY22 Amended Budget Board Resolution
FY2020-21 Board Approved Budget
FY2019-20 Board Approved Budget

2020-21 SY Preparedness Plan
BPA 20-21SY Preparedness Plan   

Educational Service Provider Charts
FY22 ESP Operating Expenditures
FY22 ESP Transparency Expenditure Report
FY21 ESP Operating Expenditures
FY21 ESP Transparency Expenditure Report
FY20 ESP Operating Expenditures
FY19 ESP Transparency Expenditure Report
FY19 ESP Operating Expenditures

Budget Transparency Reports
FY22 Operating Expenditures
FY22 Personnel Expenditures
FY21 Operating Expenditures
FY21 Personnel Expenditures
FY20 Operating Expenditures
FY20 Personnel Expenditures
FY19 Operating Expenditures
FY19 Personnel Expenditures

School Year Compliance Reporting
2023-2024 Annual Education Report

Current Bargaining Agreement
The District does not have any collective bargaining agreements.

Employee Sponsored Healthcare Plan
The District has contracted all health care benefits – medical, dental, and vision – through a third-party
vendor, Axios Incorporated for FY19-20. The District did not request health benefit bids.

Audited Financial Statements
FY20 Audited Financial Report

Accounts Payable Check Register
FY22 Check Register
FY20 Check Register

Employee Compensation Information
FY20 Employee Compensation Information

District Paid Association Dues
FY20 Association Dues Transparency Reporting

District Paid Lobbying Costs
FY22 District Lobbying Transparency Reporting
FY20 District Lobbying Transparency Reporting

Approved Deficit Elimination Plan
The District is not operating under a deficit for this fiscal year.

Credit Card Information
The district does not have district credit cards.

District Paid Out of State Travel
FY20 Out-of-State Travel

Procurement Policy
Procurement Policy

Expense Reimbursement Policy
Expense Reimbursement Policy

Educator Evaluation Systems Posting and Assurances