Deloris E. Jordan to Speak at Barber Prep Community Event

Deloris E. Jordan

By: The Michigan Chronicle

Deloris E. Jordan, an esteemed author, entrepreneur, and the eldest sister of the iconic Michael Jordan, is poised to make a profound impact on the youth programs and schools in Detroit. She will deliver her empowering message, “You possess the strength to overcome any situation,” during two significant community events.

The initial event, scheduled for July 22, 2024, will take place at Barber Preparatory Academy in Highland Park, Michigan, marking a momentous milestone for the academy. Known for its exceptional educational standards and nurturing environment, Barbra Prep will welcome students from across the district during this event. Parents and guardians can anticipate a comprehensive introduction to the academy’s curriculum, the opportunity to meet the dedicated staff, and a glimpse into the exciting opportunities awaiting students in the upcoming 2023-2024 school year. The enrollment process will be made more accessible through a collaboration with The School District of the City of Highland Park Board of Education District Summer Jazzy Jam, which will be held at Edith Perchman Park, adjacent to Barber Preparatory Academy, located at 45E. Buena Vista St., Highland Park, MI 48203.

Representatives from Barber Preparatory Academy will be present at the Jazzy Jam event to assist families with the registration process and address any inquiries they may have. This vibrant community gathering will feature live music, a backpack giveaway, food vendors, animal farms, a mobile selfie museum, bounce houses, and family-friendly activities, creating a festive atmosphere for current and prospective students and their families. Families interested in securing a spot for their child at Barber Preparatory Academy are encouraged to attend the Jazzy Jam and take advantage of this opportunity.

In collaboration with Barber Preparatory Academy and the Treasures Within Youth Mentorship Program, Deloris E. Jordan will share her transformative message during this open-enrollment event. The academy is considering implementing the Treasures Within Youth Mentorship Program, which will provide valuable mentorship opportunities to young students. As part of this initiative, the students will organize a fundraising event to raise awareness for the program. Attendees can enjoy homemade lemonade, delectable food, and dessert trucks. Moreover, there will be a DJ and a Mobile Selfie Museum where guests can take selfies with celebrity guests and influencers from the community.

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